Talk on “Overview of Pakistan’s relations with the US and changing dynamics”


Talk at National Institute of Management, Islamabad
19 March 2019
Overview of Pakistan’s relations with the US and changing dynamics

Suggested elements by NIM:

An appraisal of Pakistan’s relations with USA since independence.

Changing scenario in the region and role of USA.

Economic development in Pakistan and the role of USA.

The current status of Pak-US relations – options for Pakistan.

CPEC: A new bone of contention in Pak-US relations.

Outline of presentation:

  1. Changing Scenario in the region and role of USA:
    • China’s rise challenged the prevailing balance of power in Asia. Several calls for a rebalance in Asia. Lee Kuan Yew (not just another big player but the biggest player in history requiring a new balance). Kevin Ruud. Kurt Campbell’s 2016 book “The Pivot: The future of American statecraft in Asia” spoke of a great rebalance in Asia.
    • US Asia Pivot policy. formally announced in 2011. Largely perceived as US quest to maintain its dominance of the Asia Pacific region and contain the challenge coming from a rising China.