WELCOME REMARKS – Inauguration ‘Pivot’ Magazine


Welcome Remarks by DG ISSI at the Launch of Pivot Magazine

23 January 2019

On behalf of the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, I have the great pleasure to welcome you all at the launch of the inaugural edition of ‘Pivot’ Magazine by China Pakistan Study Centre at the institute.

I want to particularly thank the Chief guest Ms Tehmina Janjua, the Foreign Secretary, and Chinese Ambassador Mr. Yao Jing, for honouring the occasion despite their busy schedule. Your presence here is a source of encouragement for all of us working at the Institute.

Ladies and Gentlemen, bilateral relationship with China has been an integral component of Pakistan’s foreign policy. The ties between the two countries have become stronger with the passage of time. Bilateral cooperation has expanded into multiple areas, including most recently the important domain of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

CPEC and China’s Belt and Road Initiative seek to connect countries and communities. These projects are for a strong voice for globalism, at a time when we are witnessing the rise of notable anti globalism forces on the world stage. It would be in our common interest to persevere on the path of connectivity and common good. It is heartening that China has created the necessary cooperative mechanisms and brought its intellectual, technological and financial resources to make connectivity a reality.

While Pakistan and China are engaged in concrete cooperation in multiple domains, there are negative forces in play. Considerable propaganda has been unleashed to undermine our cooperation. It is important to counter this propaganda through continuous dialogue, evidence-based research, and most importantly advocacy of the significance of this vital relationship.

It is in this context that China Pakistan Study Centre of this Institute has embarked on an initiative to create awareness about the importance and utility of cooperative projects between Pakistan and China. The Magazine that we are launching today covers the dynamic nature of this relationship and highlights the progress made by the two countries collectively. This is a special addition to our list of publications as it would showcase not only the relationship in correct perspective and but would also help counter disinformation.

I am grateful to the Honorable Foreign Minister for giving his blessings and a message for this magazine. We are also honoured that Chinese Ambassador has contributed an article for the inaugural edition of this magazine. I too am honoured to have written one article in this magazine, How I see the rise of China. It would be our attempt to focus on different aspects of the relationship, including people to people exchanges and other facets of friendship.

Ladies and gentlemen, The magazine Pivot is a part of our efforts to revitalize the work of China Pakistan Study Centre. Our next project in the Centre would be to bring together various China centres across the country as well as other area study centres to produce harmony in our efforts to promote the salience of the China Pakistan relationship. We hope that we would receive your feedback and guidance.

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the CPSC team under the leadership of its Director, Dr. Talat Shabbir for this timely initiative. I wish them success for the upcoming issues of ‘Pivot’ and other initiatives to achieve the objectives of the Centre. I thank you all once again, especially the Foreign Secretary and the Chinese Ambassador, for honouring us with your presence today.