WELCOME REMARKS – Launch Report on “CPEC and AJK, A gateway to regional connectivity”


Launch Report on CPEC and AJK, A gateway to regional connectivity.

10 March 2020

Welcome. Prime Minister of AJK. —–

Pakistan-China relations are important. Time tested.

Its economic dimension is most important. CPEC part of BRI concept.

Not just economic, it’s also strategic relationship.

Sino American competition is a matter of concern. US must participate in economic zones and economic activity.

Role of CPEC in Pakistan is critical not just for four provinces but all territories, including AJK and GB.

CPSC working on the vision to promote Pakistan China relations. Director Dr Talat Shabbir and his team.

Part of CPSC mission is to ensure that CPEC benefits all regions of Pakistan and territories held by Pakistan.

AJK and GB are critical to Pakistan for connectivity with China. So is Baluchistan. Hence all parts of Pakistan.

Pleased at the presence of PM AJK and other high officials of AJK government and academia and others. Hope this would contribute to radiating the message that CPEC is for the whole of Pakistan and is vital for regional connectivity.